5 Questions you should ask when hiring a Photo Booth for your next event

I am thrilled that you are considering a photo booth for an upcoming event! Photo Booths are the perfect way to get your guests out of their seats and to interact with each other. You can’t help being a little silly striking a pose with a mustache and a feather boa!

Not all Photo Booths are created equal, however. You should know upfront exactly what you are booking for your event. Here are some questions you should ask before you even ask about price.

  1. What is the booth made of? That means the actual booth – is it made up of a homemade concoction of pvc pipe and bed-sheets, metal poles and draping, or is it an open air design?
    Photo Me Photo Booth is an open air design — meaning it can fit more people in the booth and your guests get to interact with those that are posing.
  2. What kind of equipment will be used? The quality of the camera and the printer will dictate the quality of your finished prints. You do not want web cameras or ink jet printers to be used at your event.
    We use Canon cameras and a dye sublimation printer. That means your photos will be professional quality and the print time is less than 10 seconds.
  3. Who is doing the design work for customizations? Will the company outsource the work or will it be done by someone that isn’t qualified to be creating custom designs?
    All of our designs are done by a professional graphic designer with the appropriate high-end software. All images will be high resolution for the best quality printed product.
  4. How much “live time” am I getting for my rental? It may seem like the answer to this is obvious. However, make sure the set-up and take-down times are not included as part of your rental time.
    Photo Expressions completes set-up and take down outside of your scheduled rental time. When booking, schedule the time you want the photo sessions to start. We also have the option to add “idle time” so you don’t have to pay for live rental time during events like dinner when the booth will not be in use.
  5. How many photos can be printed during each session? Clarify the limitations for each session. Some companies limit the number of printed photos to 2, regardless of how many people are in the image.
    If you have 4 people in a photo, you can print 4 photos of the session. If you have purchased a Scrap Book, that image is in addition to the guest prints.



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