It’s time to strike a pose

PhotoboothA_Poses14_VIPYou are next in line for the booth — and the pressure is building. This photo will be in your friends’ photo booth scrapbook… FOREVER! Here are a few ideas (and things to avoid)

  1. Action! Act out a movie sequence (and see if your friends can guess it)
  2. Tell a Story. Use all 3 images like a cartoon strip.
  3. Get Creative. Use the props provided – or come up with a prop of your own. If you are known as being on your phone all the time, use your cell phone as a prop. Even table decor can be used (just be respectful of items that you don’t own)
  4. Practice in advance. Yep, I said practice. Have you noticed the people with the best selfie photos are always taking selfie photos? It is no accident!
  5. Duck Face. Don’t. Just Don’t.
  6. Keep it classy. Don’t take photos that you will regret tomorrow, or will have to be censored in someone’s scrapbook. You are not the only one getting a copy of your photos.
  7. Pay attention to your surroundings. If the photo booth is an open air booth – be respectful to those in line and watching from a distance.

Most important tip — HAVE FUN! Maybe you can even encourage someone sitting quietly and just watching to participate as well.

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